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Griffin Survivor iPhone 4 Case

Take your apps into battle
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Removeable belt clip

War. What is it good for? Well, without it we wouldn’t have the Griffin Survivor iPhone 4 Case. Developed to be the most rugged and hard-wearing iPhone case on the planet, this ludicrously over-engineered piece of civilian kit has been approved for use by the US and UK Armed Forces.

The Survivor’s shatterproof polycarbonate frame is wrapped in shock absorbing silicone – sealing your iPhone away from dirt, sand, rain and vibrations. It’ll even withstand a drop onto concrete from 1.8m! The handy belt clip also lets you mount it within easy reach, so you won’t need to go fishing around in your pocket with wet or muddy hands. Perfect for extreme sports or rugged outdoorsy types.

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Please Note:
  • Compatible with iPhone 4
  • Independently tested and certified to meet conditions outlined in US Department of Defence MIL-STD-810 and UK Department of Defence Def-Stan 00-35
Product Features:
  • Integral Display shield deflects Wind/Rain (Test: Up to 200 mm/hr for 1 hour)
  • Rigid internal frame protects from Shock/Drop (Test: Drop on flat concrete surface from 6'/1.8 m)
  • Sealed ports block Blown Sand/Dust (up to 18 m/sec for 1 hour)
  • Silicone cladding blocks vibration (18 hrs at 20-2000 Hz)
  • Multi-position clip attaches securely to pack strap or belt