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Giant Microbes

Catch them while you can
Infectiously cute and highly huggable
A million times bigger, and contagious for all the right reasons
They'll repulse you and melt your heart in equal measure
The only time you'll want to have Diarrhea in the bed
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These days everyone's banging on about friendly bacteria. Unfortunately, unless you carry around a very powerful microscope with you, you'll never get to see these misunderstood little organisms. A shame, as biologists reckon these invisible-to-the-naked-eye microbes are omnipresent. In fact, there are probably several million swarming around your head right now.

A million times bigger and a few thousand times cuter, these brightly coloured and cuddly Giant Microbes look just like the nasty little critters on which they are based. Each diseased bundle of joy comes complete with a photo of its real-life counterpart, along with fascinating information about the microbe in question.

They will repulse you and melt your heart in equal measure. Get cosy with the Common Cold, snuggle up with Swine Flu and be delighted with having Diarrhea in your bed.

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Product Features:
  • Soft and cuddly diseased critters
  • Over a million times their actual size
  • Each microbe comes with an information tag including its scientific name, an image of the actual microbe and a mini history/science lesson.
  • Swine Flu - approximately 14cm (H) x 8cm (W) x 8cm (D)
  • Fat Cell - Approximately 10cm (H) x 10cm (W) x 10cm (D)
  • Sperm - approximately 20cm (H) x 11cm (W) x 3cm (D)
  • Diarrhea - approximately 18cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 5cm (D)
  • MRSA Super Bug - approximately 13cm (H) x 10cm (W) x 10cm (D)
  • Stomach Ache - approximately 18cm (H) x 7.5cm (W) x 5cm (D)
  • Sore Throat - approximately 14cm (H) x 8cm (W) x 7cm (D)
  • The Common Cold - approximately 9.5cm (H) x 9.5cm (W) x 9.5cm (D)
  • Kissing Disease - approximately 8cm (H) x 10cm (W) x 10cm (D)
  • Red Blood Cell - approximately 12cm (H) x 12cm (W) x 4cm (D)
  • White Blood Cell - approximately 13cm (H) x 16cm (W) x 8cm (D)
  • Brain Cell - approximately 25cm (H) x 17cm (W) x 3cm (D)
  • E. Coli - approximately 20cm (H) x 11cm (W) x 3cm (D)
Cleaning instructions:
  • Surface washable: Simply sponge with a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Allow to air dry, then brush to restore fabric to its original fullness
Customer reviews
"Mum, a medical technician loves this, sitting proudly on her desk at work."
Jamie - 20th of September, 2016
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