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Gentle Giraffe

Safari sounds
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OK, put him down now!

OK, put him down now!

It’s a lovely fact that the giraffe has a bigger heart than almost all other land mammals. It’s not just for keeping its head working, either. Every safari expert knows that they’ve got a temperament as sweet as a ripening guava. Imagine if all that cute loveliness got squeezed down into a size that kids could carry about – and think of how cool it would be to hear exactly what was going on down there on the open plains. Well, think on this: Gentle Giraffe has got it all.

On the outside, he’s a plush little chap who’s huggable and cute. On the inside, he’s an audio extravaganza. For contained within Gentle Giraffe’s body is a small, removable audio player that can play back four different sounds of the natural world, each with the ability to stimulate your child’s mind.

Four sound options to choose from: play, calm, relax, sleep

Four sound options to choose from: play, calm, relax, sleep

Each of the four sound options is a singular experience. There’s Play, where Gentle Giraffe sings along to the rhythm of native tribal music like Paul Simon with a long neck; or Relax, where he takes you on a fun journey through the Serengeti plains. Please note, this audio journey is far safer than letting a toddler do it for real. There are no lions, for starters.

The next audio setting is Calm, where the soothing sounds of a gentle African stream trickling through rocks drifts your child into a relaxing frame of mind. The last is Sleep, a soundtrack designed to help anyone big or small drop off to the land of nod by broadcasting the mellow susurration of a waterfall.

Four sound options to choose from:
Description   Play (Safari Groove) - Feel the rhythmic drums of a native tribe
Description   Calm (Gentle Stream) - Sounds of a lazy stream provides an ideal setting for a good night's sleep
Description   Relax (Safari Trails) - Imagine and explore the plains of the Serengeti
Description   Sleep (Victoria Falls) - Listen to this majestic waterfall and drift away into a peaceful slumber

The speaker and buttons can be found in the giraffes back

The speaker and buttons can be found in the giraffes back

Any of these can be selected by simply pushing a button and setting the volume to the right level. If you don’t want the sound of the veldt to be continuing into the small hours, then just set the timer function – it can turn off Gentle Giraffe after 23 or 45 minutes.

The gift of stimulation, relaxation and sleep – who would have thought the humble giraffe cared so much? Get ready to be surprised – he’s got more. Yep, old GG is delivered with a neat little Safari Storybook to accompany his dulcet tones, and also arrives with his own adoption certificate too. You’re not just helping out a silly ol’ stuffed giraffe either: a portion of the price will go to Conservation International and helps keep Gentle Giraffe’s wilder cousins happy too. Just switch him on and have a listen – you can hear his cousins saying ‘thanks’. In giraffe language, obviously.

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Please Note:
  • Suitable for all ages: From birth - 6yrs.
  • Giraffe Dimensions: 50cm(L) x 14cm(W) x 12.5cm(D)
  • Box Dimensions: x 19cm(W) x 17.6cm(D)
Battery Requirements:
  • Requires: 2 x AA batteries (included)