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Little bundles of joy
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How much personality can a bundle of fluff have? Well, loads. Don’t forget the charismatic Tribbles from Star Trek, or the scene-stealing Fizzgig from the Dark Crystal, to name but a few (we can’t think of any more). But if you’re still not convinced, just spend a few minutes cuddling, stroking, rolling, bouncing and generally playing with Flufflings.
Okki Loco Mindy




Each of these colourful bundles of fur has a bright and perky personality of its own. Play with Mindy, Okki and Loco and they’ll respond to your touch; making all sorts of noises and bouncing up and down when they’re happy. They’re just like a real pet; except you don’t have to walk them twice a day and they won’t take a widdle in your slippers.

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Please Note:
  • Suitable for ages 3yrs+
Product Features:
  • Interactive fluffy pets
  • Cuddle them, roll them, stroke them and rock them to hear various sounds and see them bounce up and down
Battery Requirements:
  • 4x AA batteries (included)