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Full of beans!
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Beanbags used to be associated with yoghurt-knitting hippies and bedsit-dwelling layabouts who'd used all their chairs as firewood. Thankfully all that has changed thanks to the spectacularly comfy Fatboy. As seen in the Big Brother house, this truly humungous beanbag is the best thing to happen to squishy seating in yonks, as it can be used indoors and outside*.

Ridiculously versatile, the Fatboy is the ideal object on which to park your rear and it can be used in countless scenarios: as a slob-out bag for a students room, a 'thinking station' (okay, a bed) for the office, a comforting pillow for kids, a sun lounger for the garden, a TV chill-out pillow, a perfect games playing 'chair' or even a spare bed for unexpected guests. The possibilities are endless. And because the Fatboy is so big and malleable, you can sit on it, lay on it or just lollop out on it.


Lounge around to your hearts content

Available in several eye-catching colours, the body-moulding Fatboy looks seriously stylish in any room. In fact you can keep your Chippendale chairs and poncey futuristic furnishings; plonk a Fatboy in your sitting room and we guarantee guests will be settling into its squishy embrace before you can say 'make yourself comfortable'.

Colour Range:

Cobalt Blue
Dark Purple


Black Fatboy

Made from high-tech, specially-coated nylon, the Fatboy is a doddle to clean. Simply rub with a damp cloth and hey presto. None of this taking-off-the-cover-and-spilling-the-beans business.

With the likes of Martin Kemp extolling the virtues of sofas 24/7, we think it's high time someone stood up for the beanbag, especially the Fatboy, as it's destined to consign fusty old furniture to the great council tip in the sky. So hurry up and hit Add to Cart. Your backside will be eternally grateful.

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Please note
  • The product is despatched without any added packaging around it, so there is nothing to disguise what it is. Please bear this in mind if you intend to give it as a present!
  • *Made from tough, water resistant nylon with a PVC coating, Fatboys are splash-proof (not water proof) and stain-resistant.
  • As seen on Big Brother.
  • Wipe clean with soap and water.
  • Measures approximately 140cm x 180cm