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Ego Electric Street Scoota

Utterly electric
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The Red version of the fantastic Ego Electric Street Scoota is NOW only £750! (Was £999.95)

Important Notice

Please read through ALL the information carefully prior to placing your order. Delivery currently takes between 5-10 working days:
Registration Process, Delivery & Returns, Insurance

Free UK Delivery Over £100
Free Returns
Next Day Delivery Not Available
As Seen On Sky News! Scooters rule. Ask anyone who owns one and they'll tell you how they make mincemeat of traffic jams, blow raspberries at parking restrictions, laugh in the face of congestion charges and zip from A to B faster than you can yell 'mind the doors'.

Ego Electric Street Scoota

Electric powered:
no exhaust needed!

The only downer is these jam-busting two-wheelers run on petrol; icky, planet-hating gloop that's becoming so taxman-punchingly expensive even smug scooterists are feeling the pinch. So stand back, grab hold of your helmet and prepare to have your flabber completely gasted by the battery-powered Ego Street Scoota.

It might look like a hip, twist-and-go commuter scooter - and it is - but this fully road legal steed is also 100% electric. Do not adjust your eyes, we said it's 100% electric. No fumes, no noise, no emissions and no visits to the gas station. You don't even have to fork out on road tax and parking is free in a lot of cities. Incredible, especially seeing as the Street Scoota costs under a grand *cue sound of eyeballs plopping out and jaws plummeting to the ground*.

Ego Electric Street Scoota

Make your city clean!

Ego Electric StreetScoota

Top speed: 30mph

With a top speed of 30mph, the Street Scoota is nigh on as nippy as a 50cc petrol-driven splutterer. In fact, despite a lack of castrated wasp-style engine noise, it feels virtually the same to ride. This is thanks to a powerful 1400 watt motor that delivers ample torque to zip past stroppy cab drivers, pull away from bozo bus drivers and whirr around weeping motorists. Traffic? What traffic?

The two other colours available:

Ego Electric Street Scoota

From L-R:The blue and red Ego Street Scootas

Getting started...

Ego Electric Street Scoota

Insert the charging connector and plug into your mains socket...

Check the charging lights on the
control panel...

Now go hit the
road jack!

*10p is an approximate cost based on an 8 hour charge

Charging the Street Scoota couldn't be easier. Just plug it into the nearest mains socket. Yes, really. It's that simple. An eight hour charge gives around 40 miles of eco-friendly scootering, but a three hour quick charge is more than enough to get you from A to B, or even C to Z, in any UK city.

StreetScoota Controls...

Ego Electric Street Scoota

You won't have to worry about hefty bills because this hi-tech bike costs a forehead-slappingly measly 10p to charge. That's around ¼p per mile. You'll spend ten times that on deodorant if you continue squishing in with the sweaty lemmings on the train. Mmmm...armpits and morning breath.

StreetScoota DNA...

Ego Electric StreetScoota

1. Accelerator 2. Instrument Panel 3. Storage Box 4. Chassis Number Cover 5. Mirror 6. Wind Breaker 7. Brake Fluid Cap 8. Front Turning Light 9. Front Cover 10. Front Light 11. Left and right Front Wall 12. Cap Peak 13. Mud Guard 14. Tyre and Tube 15. Bottom Side Panels Front 16. Rubber Mat 17. Bottom Side Panels Rear 18. Central Cover Panel 19. Body Decoration 20. Rear Fender Cover 21. Inside Back Mud Guard 22. Back Brake Wire 23. Small Mud Guard 24. Back Mud Guard 25. Back Turning Light 26. Tail Lamp 27. Saddle Lock Cover 28. Back Box Bracket 29. Side Panels 30. Seat Mat 31 Luggage Box 32. Plastic Instrument Mask 33. Ignition Lock 34. Top Box

Ego Electric Street Scoota

Room for your
favourite jumper!

Designed and made in China, where electric scooters are already huge, the beautifully engineered Street Scoota is set to reign supreme across the bumper-to-bumper streets of Blighty, particularly in London and other urban areas with increasingly draconian traffic regulations. Post-commuting stress disorder, pricey travelcards and rocketing fuel costs will soon become distant memories. Nice.

We honestly think this two-wheeled wonder is one of the greatest products ever to grace our (not so) humble site. So what are you waiting for? Hit the Buy button and get your motor hummin'.

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Stuff Awards 2008 Winner: Green Gadget Of The Year

Winner: Green Gadget
Of The Year

Scooter Registration Process:

Very Important. Please read the information included in the following link (Download Registration Process PDF 2.6 MB), which covers the registration process and the steps YOU need to take to register your Scoota:

Before you can ride your new Street Scoota on public roads it needs to be registered with the DVLA (this includes obtaining a tax disc and having a registration plate fitted). Firebox can help make the process easier. You will need to send the relevant paperwork to the DVLA (full details on what you need to do can be found in the 'Registration Process' link above) and then the documents you need to produce a number plate will be returned by post within approximately 10 working days.

Please Note: Once you register the Scoota you are no longer eligible to return it as Unwanted within the normal '7 working day cooling off period'. More info in the 'Delivery and returns' section below.

Delivery and returns:
  • Delivery will be around 2 weeks (immediate stocks). The registration process will take a further (approximate) 10 days. This will allow you to inspect the bike, make sure you are happy with it and then return it, if not satisfied, before taking the final step.
  • The Ego Street Scoota is exempt from our usual 30-day Returns Policy; The returns period is limited to seven working days following the day of receipt as per the right to cancel under the European Distance Selling Regulations, and you shall be responsible for the cost of return.
    Click here for more information on Returns.

    This does not affect your statutory rights.
Returns Waiver:
  • There is normally a 7 working day cooling off period to allow for the decison to return this product (if you change your mind etc), however please note that once the Scoota becomes registered, it is then not possible to return this product as unwanted. This does not affect your statutory rights. If you decide categorically that you do not want to return the Scoota within this period and therefore do not want to have to wait for the 7 days to elapse, please contact Firebox at
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Order Process:
  • Step 1: Order (or pre-order) the Ego Electric Street Scoota. When stock arrives we will charge your card and then contact you to organise a convenient delivery date. Delivery will be around 2 weeks (immediate stocks) and registration will take a further (approximate) 10 days. This will allow you to inspect the bike, make sure you are happy with it and then return it, if not satisfied, before taking the final step.
  • Step 2: Whilst you are awaiting delivery of your Scoota, you can start the registration and/or insurance process. Please see above. NB: Once you register the Scoota you are no longer eligible to return it as unwanted within the normal '7 working day cooling off period'. More info in the 'Delivery and returns' section above.
  • Step 3: When your Scoota is delivered and you have completed the registration process ( including obtaining insurance ), then you are ready to go go go!
Park and Charge Station

Charge via a Park + Charge Station too...
more information here

Please note:
  • The Ego Street Scoota does not include a helmet or any protective gear. Please make sure that you wear these when riding
  • Weight restriction: the Ego Street Scoota should carry up to 200kgs, but this will impede the speed obviously!
  • The Top Box that comes with the scooter fits a bike helmet inside - Top Box Instructions PDF - Download 110KB
Scooter Specification:
  • 1400 watt motor
  • Top speed of 30mph (restricted)
  • Run distance of up to 40 miles on one charge
  • Quick charge 3hrs, full charge 8 hours from standard 13amp socket
  • Unladen weight: 104kg
  • Colour options
  • Complete with back box large enough for helmet
  • Front disc brake / rear drum brake
  • Steering lock and power cut off switch

  • Download Street Scoota Manual PDF 1.8 MB
    Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Battery Charger information:
  • Please ensure the adapter is in a well ventilated area when recharging the scooter
  • The adapter is not waterproof so the scooter needs to be recharged under cover
  • Length of power cable: 6 metres
Environmental Benefits of Ownership:
  • Zero emissions
  • Free road tax / congestion charge
  • Cost of 10p to recharge giving equivalent of over 1,000 mpg
  • Electric scooters are 99% less polluting than the cleanest fossil fuel powered vehicles (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • 5 scooters can be parked in the same space as 1 car
  • Approximately 189cm(L) x 73cm(W) x 100cm(H)
Rider Eligibility:
  • If full driving licence held pre Feb 2001, then no further testing required
  • Full driving licence held post Feb 2001, then CBT (compulsory bike training) required. Scooter can then be ridden without L plates
  • Provisional moped licence, then CBT must be taken and scooter must be ridden with L plates until full test is taken (CBT lasts for 2 years)
  • CBT can be completed in one day and costs around £70 - details of providers can be obtained from DVLA website
Insurance: Warranty:
  • Firebox will replace the scooter if it can't be repaired (see warranty contained in the manual)
Additional Information:
  • Scooter does not require an annual service, just maintenance checks which the owner can carry out - it will require an MOT after 3 years and annually thereafter
Technical Support:
  • For any general enquiries and for any technical fault enquiries please email
Interesting Sites:
  • Watch a detailed video review by the Telegraph
  • Read a dedicated blog to the Ego Electric Street Scooter
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