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Square egg for your round hole
Product not available at the moment.
Rectify the humble egg's completely impractical shape
Turns freshly hard-boiled and peeled eggs into cubes
Bring a little discipline to your dinner plate – no more rolling around
At last you can achieve perfectly uniform sandwich coverage
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For hundreds of years, boiled eggs have been the bane of picnics, packed-lunches and dinner plates the world over. It’s their completely illogical shape. No use to man or beast a peeled, hard-boiled egg just won’t do as it’s told. Carry it in a loose lunchbox and it’ll get smooshed, Take it on a picnic and it’ll be rolled away by ants. Serve it on a plate and it’ll end up sliding about like a chubby figure skater. It’s enough to put you off oeufs for life.

But we've now discovered the Egg-Q-Ber and finally brought a little discipline to our dinner plate – because this startlingly nifty gadget will turn any peeled, hard boiled egg into an almost perfect cube.

Just pop it in, close the lid tightly and leave it for 1 minute. That’s it! After 60 anxious seconds you can remove your almost perfectly cubed egg, ready to stack neatly in a bento box, sit on a potato waffle, slather with devilling cream or slice into squares for perfectly uniform sandwich coverage. And just like that, another of life's great quandaries solved.

More info
The applications of this technology are impossible to count, but here's 7:
  • Make yourself an edible egg dice. Do not eat it until you roll a 6
  • Create hundreds of egg cubes and build yourself a luxurious egg villa
  • You could use it as a cruel castration device
  • Probably also works with strawberries and shallots
  • Keep your contact lenses in it, you square eyes
  • Pop the eggs in the freezer afterwards = delicious eggy ice cubes that won't dilute your drink
  • Just an enjoyable and messy way to crack an unboiled egg
Product Features:
  • Turns freshly hard-boiled and peeled eggs into cubes
  • No need for egg cups
  • Easy to store
  • Baffle your friends
  • Measures approximately 9cm(H) x 6.7cm(Ø)
Customer reviews
"Square eggs, just so cool."
Danielle - 13th of February, 2015