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Death Star Planetarium

The Force is strong with this one
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Great night light for kids

Great night light for kids

Have you got a very bad feeling about this? We’ve no idea why because it’s no moon…it’s a space station. And it’s not just any space station, it’s a Death Star. And it’s not just any Death Star, it’s a Death Star Planetarium! All together now, ‘Daa-daa-daa, daa-dana-daa-dana!’

Ideal for would-be astronomers and Star Wars nuts who fantasise about life in a galaxy far, far away, this fantastic tabletop gizmo opens up to project Earth’s night sky (viewed from the northern hemisphere) or the imaginary Star Wars galaxy across walls and ceilings. It even names the planets, from Naboo and Dagobah to Mustafar and Tatooine. You know, sometimes we amaze even ourselves.

Still not convinced? We find your lack of faith disturbing because the battery-operated Death Star Planetarium lets you explore both galaxies like never before. Simply ensure the room is really dark and then gaze in awe as you nod off, dreaming of distant derring-do and pondering the inescapable fact that Phantom Menace was a bit rubbish.



Speaking of nodding off, this technological terror doubles up as a great night light for kids (and Threepio-style scaredy cats) who are slightly wary of going to sleep in the dark. ‘TK421, why aren’t you in your bed?’ It also makes an eye-catching addition to any bedroom, even when it’s closed. Assuming you’re a kid.

Short of training to become an X-Wing pilot and an astronaut, we can think of no better way to explore the Star Wars galaxy and our own little corner of the cosmos. So hurry up and plug in your droid, or whatever it is you earthlings do, and get ordering. Now let’s blow this thing and go home!

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Product Features:
  • Table top Death Star Planetarium
  • Map of the worlds that make up the star wars galaxy
  • Map of the earth’s night sky, viewed from the northern hemisphere
  • Use in a dark room only, works great as a nightlight
  • 1x Planetarium Unit
  • 1x Earth’s night sky dome
  • 1x Star wars world map
Battery Requirements:
  • Requires 3x AA batteries - not included