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Das Horn

Get the horn
Suckle fine ales from this heroic premium drinking chalice
Conquer your next beverage like a mighty Bavarian Viking
Freedom at last from lousy inferior vessels
Holds a mighty 24oz (709ml)
No beasts, mythical or real, were harmed in making Das Horn
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Das Horn is a timeless relic, a noble trophy that harks back to a cherished era when horns were the drinking vessels of choice for gatherings and feasting. This beautifully designed, modern twist on the ancient drinking horn outshines the lamentable mass-produced glassware we subject ourselves to every day.

With this heroic chalice in your grasp (or hanging round your neck with the included neck strap), you become a mighty Bavarian Viking, wielding the power of an inebriated Germanic Odin to enter a sweet sausage and booze-filled Valhalla. Freedom at last from inferior drinking vessels.

A goblet of this magnitude needs to be proudly displayed above your carved stone fireplace (along with all your other stuffed mythical beast trophies) which is why it comes with it's very own majestic plastic stand.

In the wise and slightly slurred words of its creators – nothing says "I'm enjoying this drink" like a Das Horn.

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Please Note:
  • Definitely possesses supernatural powers
  • Dishwasher Safe
Product Features:
  • Holds a generous 709ml (24oz)
  • Stainless steel rim, accented with a laser-etched logo
  • Includes neck strap and stand
  • BPA free ABS body
  • Significantly less breakable than a glass
  • Measures approximately 33cm(H) x 9cm(Ø)
Customer reviews
"The guy I gave it to immediately proceeded to get completely wankered from mead. Seems to have gone down decently."
Charlie - 6th of February, 2016
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