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CD Wall Tiles

From CD to musical mosaic
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CD Wall Tiles

Get creative!

A lot of love, money and artistic endeavour went into all those CD covers sitting in your rack, so don't you think they deserve more than a quick glance? Of course they do. And that's where CD Wall Tiles come in.

These nifty little transparent frames allow you to display your favourite CDs without damaging the wall. How? Neat patented 3M command clips stick the tiles to the wall and allow you to move them around at will, so you can get arty and arrange your CDs in various configurations.

CD Wall Tiles

Give your CDs the attention they deserve.

Of course it would be pretty annoying if you couldn't get at your wall-mounted music but thankfully you can remove your CDs without taking the tile off the wall. With nine CD Wall Tiles in each set the possibilities are endless. Well, strictly speaking, they're not, but we can't be bothered investigating the geometric parameters right now. The point is you can have loads of fun creating musical mosaics with a few eye-catching CD cases.

CD Wall Tiles

Speaking of eye-catching CD cases, once you start picking out your favourites you'll realise how many amazing - and we mean amazing - CD sleeves are out there. From Nirvana's iconic submerged baby and Pink Floyd's flying pig to Ted Nugent's Scream Dream and Cher's Take Me Home *sound of furious Googling*.

An ideal gift for anyone with a CD collection (ie: everyone) these ingenious tiles will give you a whole new appreciation for the art of noise. Buy a few sets and you can cover entire walls. Classics in the kitchen, pretentious pop in the hallway and secret pleasures in the boudoir (well you wouldn't want anyone to spot Britney's Greatest Hits, would you?).
CD Wall Tiles

Endless possibilities.

Once you've filled and arranged your CD Wall Tiles your status as a style-savvy art-lover is assured, and we guarantee your display will attract admiring glances from guests of all ages. So get ordering - it's only rock 'n' roll but you'll like it!

CD Wall Tiles

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CD Wall Tiles

Please note:
  • Each CDWalltile can hold either single or double CDs in their cases.
  • It's quick to install and simple to change.
  • CDWalltiles leaves no damage to your walls.
  • 9x CDWalltiles
  • 24x Spacers
  • 40x bumpers
  • 9x Velcro strips
  • Instructions
  • Packaging measures approximately 16cm(W) x 15cm(H) x 14.5cm(D)
  • Each CDWalltile measures approximately 15.5cm(W) x 14cm(H) x 1.5cm(D)