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Boogie Board Paperless LCD Tablet

Digital doodling
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Notepad sized

Handy size for convenient carrying!

Fumbling about for pens, pencils and pads of paper simply won’t do in this day and age, especially when it means you are destroying trees and laying waste to entire forests, Avatar-style. Enter, with an eco-friendly halo and serious tech press buzz, the groundbreaking Boogie Board Paperless LCD Tablet.

Perfect for scribbling messages, writing to-do lists, sketching digital graffiti, doing sums and drawing up mad professor-ish master plans, this ludicrously lightweight, flexible electronic pad features a pressure-sensitive screen upon which you can write, doodle and sketch using the included stylus, your finger or anything else capable of applying the required pressure. When you need to erase your handiwork simply press the button. Clever, eh?

Only 3mm thick

The screen of the Boogie Board is only 3mm thick which is about the same as a £1 coin!

A useful memo board amongst other things

Write and erase over and over and...

The Boogie Board is so responsive it can even conjure up lines of different thickness according to the pressure applied – just like paper and pen. Think of it as a pimped-up Etch-a-Sketch with an incredibly practical twist.

You needn’t worry about cables and chargers because thanks to ingenious ‘reflex’ LCDs this wafer-thin gizmo requires only a small watch battery to power the erasing process. Take it wherever you may roam and get doodling, digital style.

Available in four colours:
all four colours





Write and Erase animation

About 50,000 erases on one battery!

Speaking of erasing, the Boogie Board lasts for approximately 50,000 erasures –that’s a whole load of scribbling, not to mention a whole load of trees breathing a sigh of relief. Of course you could always continue scrawling your musings via quaint old paper and pen, but as a Firebox-perusing gadgeteer we expect so much more from you. Write on!

Boogie Board Paperless LCD Tablet - Guess the Film

It's great for playing pictionary on. Can you guess the film we've sketched out? (place mouse of image for answer)

Stylus holder and magnet kit

Use it on the fridge and keep memos!

You asked, and by golly did we respond. By popular demand, here are all of the optional extra accessories currently available for the Boogie Board.

Stylus Holder and Magnet
The Stylus Holder and Magnet kit let’s you mount your Boogie Board onto any metal surface. We recommend the fridge. Parked cleverly over the erase button, the plastic stylus holder makes sure you never accidentally erase your shopping list.

Neoprene Sleeve

Protect in this Neoprene sleeve

Neoprene Boogie Board Sleeve
The soft Neoprene Boogie Board Sleeve protects your boogie board in transit and covers the screen from any prying eyes. The stylus can be stored in a separate compartment so it’ll always be on hand to jot down your ideas.

More info
Boogie Board Tablet
Please Note:
  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Includes cleaning cloth for the screen
  • LCD display lasts for approximately 50,000 uses
  • The battery will last 6 years if screen is erased 20 times a day
  • Boogie Board now comes with a fixed length stylus, not telescopic as pictured
Product Features:
  • Paperless LCD writing tablet
  • 8.5" LCD Screen
  • Write or doodle with the included stylus
  • Use any non-scratchy tool to write: finger, pen cap, plastic compass, stiff brush, cookie cutter
  • Pressure-sensitive surface allows you to vary line weight
  • About as much writing space as a half sheet of letter sized paper
  • Ultra portable: Only 3mm thick and 120g
  • Erase with the touch of a button (and a cool flash from the display)
  • Durable materials will withstand years of use and abuse
  • Measures approximately 22cm(H) x 14cm(W) x 0.6cm(D)

Stylus Holder and Magnet
Product Features:
  • Contains 4x sticker backed magnets and one stylus holder
  • Slide the stylus holder gently onto the side of the top panel of your Boogie Board
  • For best results apply the magnetic strips vertically in each corner of the Boogie Board Tablet

Neoprene Boogie Board Sleeve
Product Features:
  • Protect your Boogie Board and stylus with this official Boogie Board accessory
  • Measures approximately 22.7cm(H) x 16.6cm(W) x 0.8cm(D)