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Bluelounge CableDrop

Keep cables where you want them
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Nifty cable management system

Nifty cable management system

Have you ever unplugged your laptop, iPod or camera only to watch its cable drop behind your desk? Course you have. Cables have an infuriating habit of slithering away, causing you to clamber around on all fours amongst a spaghetti of pesky wires, inevitably walloping your head in the process – not a good look for all you 21st century desk jockeys.

Thankfully the solution is startlingly simple, and its name is CableDrop. This nifty cable management system is…hold on, what are saying? There’s no point trying to over complicate things; CableDrops are little adhesive clips designed to keep cables in place. End of. Well almost.

Guide cables wherever you want

Guide cables wherever you want

Because unlike bits of tape, old-style tack-in clips and glued-on whatevers, CableDrops are stylish and easily removable. Use them to guide cables wherever you want: on desks, filing cabinets, walls, furniture legs, monitors and more. You can even plop pens in them.

Just think, with a few CableDrops on your desk you can sync your iPod, transfer pics from your camera, charge your phone and plug in countless devices without rooting around on the floor for the relevant cable. You can also use them to attach your earbuds to the side of your monitor, keeping them out of the way but still within reach. Genius!

Use them to attach your earbuds to the side of your monitor

Use them to attach your earbuds to the side of your monitor

As far as ground breaking inventions go, we realise CableDrops are not quite up there with the wheel, the telly and the flushing toilet, but in terms of pure functionality they really are the business. They look great too, and are available in two colour sets: bright and muted.

In the not too distant future we won’t need cables at all, but until that day comes why not clear the clutter with a few CableDrops. Your desk (and your head) will love you for it.

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Product Features:
  • Each pack contains 6 CableDrops
    1. Bright colours include: orange, pink, lime green
  • Each CableDrop has a sticky back to attach to tables, monitors, filing cabinets etc
  • Each CableDrop measures: 2.9cm x 2.9cm x 1.4cm
  • Designed by BlueLounge Design Group