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Blacktop 360 Party Grill

Come fry with me
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Animation of food being cooked on the Blacktop 360 Party Grill

Breakfast, lunch and tea sorted!

Now there’s no reason why either sex should be better at barbecuing than the other. After all, it’s just cooking outdoors. Right? Well, yes. But when it comes to firing up a barbie, something stirs in a man. An ancient and primal feeling that makes him want to blow a horn and cry ‘freeedooooom!’ from the back of a griffin. Goodness knows why.

But the canny types at Blacktop have realised this. And that’s why they’ve taken barbecuing up a notch with the Blacktop 360 Party Grill. Not only is this portable, gas-powered beauty a killer grill for burgers, sausages and assorted meats; it’s also a deep fat fryer, a griddle and a warming plate in one. Honestly, there’s never a horn around when you need one…



deep frying

Deep fry action in the middle!

Bamboo cutting board

Bamboo cutting board

Control everything using the three dials on the side and hook all of your tools neatly on the integrated handles, so everything is right where you need it. A bamboo cutting board slots conveniently on the side for prepping, transferring and serving food. And a multipurpose lid can be used to cover the grill, griddle or warming plate – perfect for getting your timing just right.

carry bag

Comes with a carry bag

But it’s the central dish that’s the most exciting part. While you’re busy grilling meat, frying eggs, or warming bread buns around the edges, the central well can be filled with bubbling hot chilli, fondue, barbecue sauce and more! Or better yet, it could be deep-frying chips, tempura prawns, onion rings, cinnamon donuts… you name it! It’s like having your very own kitchen right out in the open. And since the whole thing is gas-powered you have all of the temperature controls at your fingertips; and can clean it in no time at all. Charcoal briquettes? Sure, they’re ok for drawing your hunt on your cave wall, but the Blacktop 360 Party Grill will rocket you straight to the top of the tribe.

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Product Features:
  • Deep Fryer, infrared grill, griddle and integrated warming plate in one
  • Independent temperature controls
  • Three separate cooking functions
  • 650°F+ ceramic infrared grill burner
  • Super-durable double porcelain enamel cook surface
  • Portable with storage/carrying bag included
  • No assembly required
Technical Specifications:
  • 24,000 BTU output
  • Stainless steel burner construction
  • Stainless steel and ceramic Infrared burner
  • Electronic pulse ignition (requires one AA battery — not included)
  • Optional hose attachment for 20 lb. propane tank
  • All-steel powder-coated and enameled folding frame
  • Insulated handles with integrated tool holders
  • Accessory rail for cutting board or additional equipment
  • Lid fits over grill, griddle or warming plate
  • Cooking surface has a dedicated drain channel and supplied insulated oil holder
  • Rubber feet for stability and protection
  • Included accessories: Cutting board, slosh ring, thermometer, liquid catch bottle, three-position cover, storage/carrying bag
  • When set up, measures approximately 78.7cm(W) x 78.7cm(D) x 77.5cm(H)
  • Weighs approximately 16.8kg