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Biodegradable Sky Lanterns

When you wish upon a...lantern!
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Sky Lanterns
Wishing upon a star is fine and dandy but the twinkly little blighters are usually obscured by clouds. And that's a shame because starry skies always add a touch of magic to outdoor events, especially weddings.

So how do you add an element of wonder to evening do's and illuminate the night sky without forking out thousands on fireworks? No, you don't get guests to scribble their names in the dark with sparklers. You buy some jaw-droppingly gracious Sky Lanterns.

Sky Lanterns
These enchanting paper blimps are guaranteed to become the talking point of any evening soiree because they climb gently into the night sky like mini hot air balloons. Simply light the special wax fuel cell, wait for a flame to form, make a wish and watch in wonder as your biodegradable lantern gradually ascends to the heavens, glowing as it rises. You can even personalise your lantern with wishes, thoughts or messages of love using a marker pen: 'Thanks for the wedding, dad. The bill's in the post.'

Sky Lanterns

10 x Lanterns

Each flame-retardant Sky Lantern can glow for as long as 20 minutes, travelling for miles and rising up to 1500 metres. For a truly magical effect, why not get a group of friends to light several Sky Lanterns simultaneously? With ten lanterns per box it's easy and the effect is so breathtaking it's not unlike watching Close Encounters and a Pink Floyd concert simultaneously. We guarantee guests will be blown away.

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Write your wish...

Light the wick...

Set it free!

Off the scale in terms of ooh-aah-factor, Sky Lanterns are ideal for countless night time events and they're infinitely more original than noisy fireworks. So what are you waiting for? Make a wish.

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Please Note:
  • Not suitable for children
  • Do not use near any farmland or near the coast. Coastguards have a duty to investigate if they are reported as distress flares and this costs a lot of time, money and wasted effort
  • Always keep water or fire extinguishers nearby
  • 100% Biodegradable with bamboo supports
  • 10x Paper Lanterns
  • Dimensions:
    • Each lantern measures approximately 94cm x 56cm
    Safety Instructions:
    • Unpack Lanterns in a safe environment, away from any sources of ignition. Take care not to tear the delicate paper.
    • Wear gloves and flame retardant clothing.
    • Have a bucket of water and/or fire extinguisher handy.
    • Children in the launch area must be kept under strict supervision at all times.
    • No persons under the influence of alcohol should be involved in the handling or igniting of the Lanterns.
    • Never smoke while handling the Lanterns.
    • Check wind speed and ensure that the wind is not stronger than 5 mph.
    • Check wind direction and ensure that the flight path is clear and Lanterns will not drift into buildings or trees.
    • Do not release within 5 miles of an airport.
    • Never use near airports, roads, dry standing crops, or in places where they may be misinterpreted as a distress signal.
    • Never tether sky Lanterns, this often prevents the unit from remaining upright as the wind blows, causing the casing to ignite.
    • Sky Lanterns are safe when used correctly but are not toys and should not be used by children.