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Biodegradable Picnic Ware

Let's have an eco-friendly picnic
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Biodegradable Picnic Ware

Bury it to compost!

If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise. Not because the teddy bears are having their picnic, but because the whole place will probably be littered with eco-unfriendly plastic plates, cups and utensils left behind by lazy picnickers. And that's precisely why your planet-hugging pals at Firebox love Biodegradable Picnic Ware.

Biodegradable Picnic Ware

Perfect for Glasto'!

Perfect for festival fans, campers, picnic nibblers and anyone else who enjoys al fresco dining, this four-piece set is made from 100% biodegradable cassava. Yes, cassava, the perennial tropical plant used to make tapioca. Don't you know anything?

Each set comprises cassava plates, bowls and cups; plus wooden spoons, forks and knives. We'll even throw in a camouflage or gingham cloth that you can keep and wear as a rock 'n' roll bandana in case you ever decide to split a pork pie with Bono. Talking of eating, all the cassava bits and bobs are edible. Yes, really!

Biodegradable Picnic Ware

The Gingham and Camo Biodegradable Picnic Ware Sets

Biodegradable Picnic Ware

Wooden cutlery

The crockery is re-usable if washed with care, but should you choose to return it to Mother Earth it will disintegrate within a week if left standing in water, or decompose in a few months if left on a compost pile. It even returns natural starch back into the soil. Al Gore will love you for it!

Biodegradable Picnic Ware

Drink and forget about washing up!

Just think, armed with a pile of Biodegradable Picnic Ware you won't have to do any whiffy washing up after a nice day out. Whether you're at Glyndebourne or Glastonbury, Bestival or Big Chill, you can enjoy your nosh safe in the knowledge your plates and bowls won't end up amongst a mountain of carrier bags on some horrible landfill site.

If this incredibly practical set doesn't become a big hit with eco-friendly foodies we won't just eat our hats, we'll eat our Biodegradable Picnic Ware too! Mmm... cassava.

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Biodegradable Picnic Ware

Biodegradable packaging too!

Please note:
  • Picnic ware made of cassava fibre. May be reused if washed promptly dried with care
  • Tablecloth made from 65% Polyester and 35% Combed Cotton
  • Cutlery is made from wood
  • Plates, bowls and beakers can be composted!
  • Packaged in a biodegradable bag!
    • 4x Plates
    • 4x Beakers
    • 4x Bowls
    • 1x Wooden cutlery set
    • 1x Camouflage tablecloth

    • 4x Plates
    • 4x Beakers
    • 4x Bowls
    • 1x Wooden cutlery set
    • 1x Gingham tablecloth
  • Plate - approximately 22.7cm(Dia) x 2.6cm(D)
  • Beaker - approximately 10cm(Dia) x 11.3cm(H)
  • Bowl - approximately 15.5cm(Dia) x 6.9cm(H)
  • Cutlery - approximately 1.5cm(W) x 16.5cm(L) x 0.2cm(D)
  • Tablecloth - approximately 109cm(W) x 109cm(L)