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Bike Cuffs

Nice bike? Put the cuffs on!
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Bike Cuffs

Virtually impossible to
pick or cut!

We hate bike thieves, especially the ones that made off with our delivery boy's BMX (well how else do you think we get our goodies to you so quickly?). That's why we've been looking for a bandit-bamboozling lock to flummox would-be bicycle thieves. Step forward Bike Cuffs. Based on standard issue police handcuffs, these ingenious loops of hardened laminated steel are set to become the bane of bike-nickers everywhere, and they make other locking systems seem as effective as bits of string.

Bike Cuffs

The heavy-duty cuffs attach around the fork and disc rotor so would-be thieves can't make off with your bike unless they're armed with some kind of Fort Knox-busting wonder weapon. This nifty arrangement means you won't have to faff around taking off your wheel for full lockdown. You don't even need to use the keys to secure your bike, just click the cuffs using the integrated buttons.

Bike Cuffs

Folds neatly for easy storage.

Compact and much easier to manage than regular heavy-duty locks, Bike Cuffs are big enough to lock to signposts, forks and frames. And thanks to 9 super-tough links you can secure up to 3 bikes at once. They make U-locks look positively cumbersome.

Thanks to a hardened pivot link, wannabe crooks can't use leverage to defeat the cuffs. What's more, the heat-treated, patented lock core is virtually pick-proof. Even Houdini would have problems busting out of these babies. In fact build-quality is so high, Bike Cuffs come with a lifetime guarantee.

Bike Cuffs

Of course no locking system is completely impenetrable but Bike Cuffs are highly-rated by crime prevention bods. Police-approved security assessors, Sold Secure, have awarded Bike Cuffs their highly coveted Silver Rating (Gold's for humungous locks only), a judgement that should reduce your insurance costs*. Result! Apart from welding a ship's hull to your frame every time you park, we can think of no better way to secure your bike. So get ordering. Thieves will hate you for it.

Bike Cuffs

Comes with 2 keys.

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Bike Cuffs

Please Note:
  • 74mm diameter cuffs allow locking to a forks, frames, signposts and parking meters
  • 9-Link cuff designed to lock 2-3 bikes
  • Pivoting Link prevents a fixed anchor point, taking away the use of leverage to defeat them.
  • Hardened laminated steel construction with hardened pivot link for optimum cut and pry resistance
  • 10-pin Tubular Cylinder has excellent pick and drill resistance
  • Easy-to-use Push button Cylinder
  • Versatile Design is suitable for Mountain or Road Bike use
  • Compact - fold in half to fit in seat bag, back pack or pocket
  • High security radial pin tumbler lock plus 2 keys
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Approximately 55cm (L) x 11 cm (W) x 2 cm (D)