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Fix the front unit onto the handle bars

Forget wheelies, no-hands and bunny-hops; riding a bicycle is about staying safe and being seen. That's why it's vital to signal when turning. The trouble is you need to take your hand off the handlebars, stick it out and risk high-fiving a lamp post, walloping a wing mirror or face-slapping a pedestrian. That's why you need Bicygnals.


No need for hand signals!

These ingenious bicycle lights feature wireless indicators that can be operated with a flick of the thumb - no frantic arm-waving required. Brilliant! Wireless technology enables both front and rear indicators to work in perfect sync. Simply slide each sleek light cluster onto the adjustable clamps and you're away.


Wireless communication between the front and rear units


Rear unit fits comfortably under the seat

The super bright orange LED indicators are visible from the side as well as head-on, so fellow road users will always know when you're about to make a turn. There's even a hazard-style distress function. And thanks to a super bright 5 LED headlight, super bright 3 LED rear light and integrated front and rear reflectors your bike will be brighter than the brightest bike in Brightville. In fact you'd have to be pretty dim not to appreciate the benefits of owning a set of Bicygnals.


Impressive front unit!


Both units clip together for easy storage

If you're worried about getting your hi-tech lighting system pinched, worry not. Bicygnals slip off their clamps in seconds and both units slot together to fit in a nifty carry case. Thinking about it, it's worth buying a bike just to champion the cause of these potential life-savers. They look pretty cool too.

When clipped together the units slide nicely into the carry case

Battery operated, Bicygnals comply with road vehicle lighting regulations and can be fitted onto virtually any bicycle. So unless you're pootling around on some daft contraption sans handlebars and saddle post we strongly suggest you stay safe with a set of Bicygnals. Ding-ding!


Front bracket

Rear bracket

The unit just slots into position!

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Please note:
  • Front and rear units are not 100% waterproof - store units in a dry place between use
  • Front light must be used in conjunction with a BS6102/3 approved light
  • Reflectors must be used in conjunction with a BS6102/3 approved reflectors
  • Never look directly into light source
  • Wirefree communication can be affected by external conditions or low batteries
  • Front and rear units are matched and coded
  • Detachable front and rear bicycle lights with integrated wirefree indicators
  • Complies with Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations
  • Wirefree communication
  • 5 super bright white LED's head light
  • 3 super bright red LED's rear light
  • Flashing and Non-flashing Lighting Modes
  • 8 super bright orange LED's front indicators
  • 6 super bright orange LED's rear indicators
  • Side visibility
  • Ergonomic and adjustable front and rear clamps
  • Front and rear units clip together for easy carrying
  • Storage carry case included
  • Low battery indicators
  • Swivel rear clamp
  • 1x front Bicygnal indicator unit
  • 1x rear Bicygnal indicator unit
  • 1x front bracket
  • 1x rear bracket
  • 1x M5 allen key
  • 4x AA batteries
  • 4x AAA batteries
  • 1x carry case
Battery requirements:
  • 4x AA batteries in front unit - included
  • 4x AAA batteries in rear unit - included
  • Product - approximately 32cm (W) x 8cm (D) x 3.3cm (H)
  • Packaging - approximately 14.5cm (W) x 7cm (D) x 32.5cm (H)