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Bento Box

Bored of soggy sarnies?
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Perfect for a quick working lunch

If you’d rather gargle raw sewage than eat another boring sandwich for lunch, help is at hand. The amazing Bento Box lets you make the most of packed lunches as it keeps food warm for up to five hours or cool for up to four. Simply cook (okay, microwave) your bits in the morning, pop them in this highly portable vacuum-sealed cylinder and enjoy home cooking wherever you may roam.

Set to revolutionise picnics, packed lunches and long journeys, the Bento Box comprises two stackable compartments, a 0.6L top section and a 0.35L lower section, so you can mix and match food, putting hot nosh in the top and cold stuff in the bottom. Soup and salad? Mmm! Better still the top section has a removable dish with a central partition, allowing you to put curry or bolognese in one side and rice or pasta in the other. Butties in cling film? Blurgh!

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Separate compartments for your food

Tucking into all kinds of culinary creations, anywhere you fancy, is simple. Three course Chinese banquet? No problem. Lamb hotpot with separate veg and dessert? A doddle. Chicken tikka masala with baked potatoes and salad? Peasy. Porridge with last night’s kebab and a side of coleslaw? Erm, if you want.

Made from double-walled, insulated polypropylene, the sturdy Bento Box is completely free from dubious BPA plastic (it says here). It’s also microwave/dishwasher safe, and infinitely more eco-friendly than planet-hating plastic bags and clingfilm.

Bento Box
We think this miraculous container will reignite your love for homemade food. And if you currently fork out for a hot lunch every day it will pay for itself in no time. Here at Firebox HQ the Bento Box is already a huge hit – and chef’s not happy, because for once, everyone looks forward to lunchtime. Bon appetit!

More info
Bento Box

  • Bento Box measures: 20.5cm (H) x 15cm (W) x 15cm (D)
  • Bento Box packaging measures: 22cm (H) x 15.2cm (W) x 15.2cm (D)
Technical Specifications:
  • Double-wall foam insulation
  • Contents for .6L stay hot/cold* for up to 5 hours & .35L for 4 hours
  • Stackable bento style food container for combined or single use
  • 100% leak proof, sealing lid
  • Microwave safe
  • BPA free
  • *temperature of contents was measured from 95ºC to 60ºC for hot and 1.67ºC to 10ºC for cold, outside temperature was held at 23ºC