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Holsters for your tinnies
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Put 'em up!

Put 'em up!

Ever wondered why Clint Eastwood was the man with no name? It’s because his Mexican adversary wasn’t paying enough attention, that’s why. He was far more concerned with tracking down his cold beers – in the desert heat, that’s all you can think of. If only the fella had managed to track down one of these brilliant Beerdoliers, he’d know exactly where his six-pack was, and could guarantee keeping them as cool as a gunslinger’s conscience.

It’s a bonanza for the beer drinker: a series of neoprene pouches for cans, all strapped across a bandolier that leaves your hands free for barbecues, football and shootouts. Just stick six of your favourite tins of laughing juice in the sleeves and you’re ready to go, flexing the kind of six-pack that really gets attention.

Hands free six pack

Hands free six pack

Imagine the ease of cruising through the festival crowds with your trusty Beerdolier at your side, cackling with glee as you carouse past the queues to the beer tent. No elbows and waving tenners for you today! Just the reassuring comfort of a cold supply, all of your own. Need we say that the Beerdolier will attract new friends? You won’t be the man with no name with this around. You’ll be the man with the name they all remember. The Beerdolier Guy.

Of course, Beerdolier works equally well with cans of soft drinks too, so if you’re fragile or are just packing the mixers for the party, it’s still a cert to get you ahead of your drinking rivals. Just don’t walk too close to the Houses of Parliament wearing one, that’s all we’re saying – Beerdolier is a leisure accessory, after all!

Also available in black

Also available in black!

Strap on a Beerdolier for size. It’ll make summer that much sweeter, and give you your arms back to do stuff with. Whether that’s writing a novel, swatting a wasp or even just opening another can up with a grin – you’re on your way to drinky heaven…

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Please Note:
  • Holds 6 cans
  • Made of nylon and neoprene
  • Beers not included