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If you can't stand the heat...turn it down!
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Infra-red heat!

Despite its name this sleek little portable grill has got nothing to do with that highly irritating Aqua song. Having said that the Barbegrill is pretty fantastic because unlike most mini barbecue grills you can control its heat level. Incinerated sausages? No thanks!

Thanks to a variable infra-red heat control system, this neat stainless steel grill is capable of cooking food to perfection without cremating it. It can even toast bread and simmer soup (assuming the soup is in a saucepan, of course). Amazing!


Sizzling stuff!


Who's for toast?

Fuelled by mini A4 Butane Battery gas cartridges (available from all good camping/outdoor stores, and quite a few mediocre ones) the Barbegrill is ideal for campers, festival fans and barbecue buffs. You can even use it indoors, as long as you're in a well-ventilated space. We're grilling a large shish right now. Toasted pitta to follow.


Install the gas and
switch on!

Don't be put off by its supremely portable dimensions because the Barbegrill's rack and skewer supports can hold an impressive amount of nosh. And despite its size, a single mini cylinder lasts up to 4 hours on simmer or 90 minutes on high. That's more than enough time to prepare a veritable feast, and you won't have to faff about with mucky charcoal.


Portable and quick to set up!

Built to last and easy to clean, this brilliant cooking companion is also incredibly safe as it features a pressure-activated gas cut-off device. Even a complete dunce could knock up a burger and a toasted bun. And seeing as the whole thing costs little more than a few greasy hot dogs at your average summer festival, buying one is a total no-brainer. Crispy or cremated? Your choice!

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Please note:
  • Only use in well ventilated areas
  • Read instructions carefully before using the appliance
  • Accessible parts may be very hot
  • Keep young children away from appliance
  • This appliance should only be used with Bright Spark® A4 220g Butane Battery® gas cartridges - not included (but available from all good camping/outdoor shops)
  • BBQ Skewers shown are not included
  • Stainless steel for long term durability and hygiene
  • BBQ direct or use skewer support
  • Also grills and toasts
  • Great for outdoors and indoors
  • Infra-red energy ensures food cooks without burning!
  • Efficient flame control
  • Designed for ease of use and easy to clean
  • Cost effective: cook up to 4 hours on simmer, 90 minutes on high with one cartridge
  • 3 year RTB warranty (gas battery not included)
Safety Features:
  • Pressure activated safety gas cut-off device
  • Low CO concentration (<800ppm)
  • Approximately 38.5cm(W) x 23cm(D) x 13.5cm(H)
  • Grill area measures 28cm(W) x 18cm(D)