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App Player Board Game

Back to the old days? No dice
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Great Big Trivia Quiz screen shot

Answer the questions correctly

Way back when penny farthings were the fastest way to get around and dinosaurs delivered the milk, families would often while away the afternoon playing board games. These days, though, we have loads of other ways to entertain ourselves; like computer games, smart phones, Facebook, and catch-up TV. Which is a shame – because there’s nothing quite like going head to head with your family and friends to decide who’s best.

So you can imagine we nearly spilled our tiddlywinks when we discovered the App Player Board Game. In an inspired move, the makers of this brilliantly simple board game have ditched question cards, spinners, little metal top hats, and even the dice: and instead turned to the iPhone to power the game.

Humm bug screen shot

Hum a well known song to win!

Using the same board with a host of downloadable apps, you can now play up to four completely different games – with more promised in the future. Challenge your friends to a game of Humm Bug and take it in turns to hum well known tunes against the clock. Or fire up Masquerade for a game of high stakes charades. Keep score by using the counters on the cross-shaped board.

Packed with physical challenges, quick-fire games and general knowledge quizzes, the App Player Board Game has something for everyone. So put down the TV remote, gather your family round the dining table and fire up your iPhone. It’s time to find out who’s the best!

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Please Note:
  • Requires iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch (not included)
  • Suitable for ages 12+
  • Requires 3 or more players
Product Features:
  • Board game combined with iPhone apps
  • Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
  • Downloadable games include:
    • Great Big Trivia: general knowledge quiz
    • Masquerade: charades
    • Tension: quick-fire mental challenges
    • Humm Bug: hum a well known song to win